A gif of a group of monarch butterflies fluttering together
About Me
A gif of a rabbit wearing glasses and doing math
Kin Notebook
The portable radio model from Silent Hill PS2 spinning in a circle. It's red
A mooshroom from Minecraft spinning in a circle
Special Interests
A floating potted fern
Plant Shelf
Cool Links!

Status picture

A journal on top of a wooden table opened to handwritten passages. The handwriting is neat and cursive

A journal I found on the third floor. It has pages upon pages written in my handwriting. I don't remember ever writing in this, nor owning it. The main menu forces me to the beginning of the book, the memos scribbled in here lead to some sort of 'social media' crap, and the maps have a bunch of intricate artwork by some weirdo scrawled all over them. Maybe I should burn this.

New Game+
HEY THERE and welcome to my website! I wanted a place for all my stuff so I decided to teach myself coding and made a whole ass page. If you explore the plethora of links I have here, I've got just about everything and have plans to add a Lot of other stuff.

Currently need to add:
about me
socials page
music player
kin pg
updates box